Consignment Policies

We would love to help you sell your items! We accept and sell handbags, accessories, shoes, and clothing from the top premiere luxury designer brands.

We accept merchandise for consignment on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday or by appointment only. please email to schedule or submit photos. We are a women's boutique, but also accept men's accessories and bags.

Pricing for items will only occur once we have seen the item in person in order to ensure accuracy. 

You may be asked to provide a receipt in certain instances. Larger ticket Hermes items, such as a Birkin or Kelly require a $50 authentication fee. This fee is refunded upon the sale of your bag.

We split the final selling price of 50/50 on everything except Hermes and Chanel handbags. Handbags from Hermes and Chanel receive a 60/40 split in favor of the seller (that's you!).

Payments are made after your item has sold and checks are printed and issued monthly. 


Please, see our list of Accepted Brands for information on which brands we accept, and contact us for more information.